Week 1: Understanding development and Natural resources

  1. Development and Natural resources
  2. Conservation Planning and Practice
  3. Oil and Gas

Week 2: Functions and interventions

  1. Environmental activism
  2. Parks and Wildlife
  3.  Integrated water resources management.

Week 3: Community Outreach/practice- Murchison falls & Albertine oil region

  • Nature Walk in the national Park and Water fall cruises/Nile River Excursions
  • Field study at the fishing sites along lake Albert
  • Visiting Budongo forest – chimps and birding
  • Understanding how communities adjacent to Murchison falls national Park co-exist with Wild animals
  • Touring the park, birding and boating cruising

Week 4: Horizons for Natural resources and development

  • Climate change and natural resources effects
  • Gender and natural resource management
  • Evaluations