Message from the Director

Welcome to Uganda, Welcome to pearl of Africa!

Welcome to International Relations Office

Welcome to Uganda, Welcome to pearl of Africa!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to International Relations office page, and congratulations on taking a bold decision to join Kyambogo University international community, that is truly dedicated to providing a high-quality international education and experience for students and staff from all over the world.

Kyambogo University is the second largest public University in Uganda, located just 8kms from the city Centre of Kampala, with over 35,000 students hosted in six faculties and six schools. We have more than 40 international collaborations with other Universities and Colleges across the world.

Judith Irene Nagasha(PhD)

Head – International Relations Office


To keep pace with global trends, the University has built capacity for Management of international relations by establishing a fully-fledged office that serves as a point of contact between the University and those aiming at Internationalizing teaching and research programmes. 

This is being done through forming partnerships with Universities locally and abroad, and through promoting student and staff mobility. The University’s diversity is strengthened and expanded by these relationships. Our university is now home to students from all over the world, which enhances the experience of students, faculty, and staff. This offers a global platform for higher education that aims to create global footprints through the exchange of ideas with other change-driven social organizations in Africa and the rest of the world.


Teaching is a team work

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