Issues related to the house
  • The residents are responsible for reporting any damages the house and property as soon as they occur to the KyU International Office.
  • The tenant will be responsible for looking after the property in their custody. And in the event that damages caused by the tenants, you may be required to pay the repair.
  • Preserve water and electricity as much as possible. Do not leave the water heater on after finishing showering.
  • The University will provide cleaning of the house twice a week. The residents will pay Ushs 7000 to the cleaner for laundry.
  • You may be required to pay for any damages done to the house or property.
  • Do not leave the keys to the house with anyone besides other tenants of the house, caretaker of the house, or staff at International office.
  • Do not invite people you do not know into the house. Boda boda and Uber drivers should be paid before entering the house.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the house beyond 19:00
  • Having house guests from abroad should be cleared by The International Relations Office. Additional charges may apply.
  • Inform the caretaker if the house will be left empty for more than three hours after 18:00
Issues related to health and security
  • When leaving the house, make sure that your valuables are locked in the room, or out of sight. Do not leave your valuables near the window.
  • Be cautious on time of movement. Do not walk alone after dark.
  • Avoid large crowds and demonstrations, especially during election time.
  • Do not drink tap water