Uganda uses a visa policy of reciprocity, meaning that if your country requires a visa for Ugandan citizens to enter, then you will also require a visa to enter Uganda.

Unlike many countries where you must apply in advance at the nearest Embassy to acquire the visa, a visa to Uganda is best acquired at the immigration office at your point of entry upon arrival. However, you can also buy your entry permit in advance from any Ugandan Embassy or High commission nearest to you.

Acquiring the visa upon arrival at Entebbe Airport or any other overland boarder is cheaper and the process straight forward, the chances of Visa denial are almost zero if you can meet the simple entry requirements listed below:

  1. A passport issued by your government valid for at least six months. Your passport must also be valid past the date of your expected departure from Uganda.
    (Passport must be signed.)
  2. One completed Uganda visa application form.Download Form
  3. Two passport-size photo taken within the past six months.
  4. International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever.
  5. US$ 100 in cash for a Tourist entry visa
  6. Letter of invitation/introduction or admission letter.

You are advised to apply for a tourist Visa since its requirements are few and it’s easy to get, and then the International Office will assist you to get the work permit for International staff or student’s visa after your arrival. The Staff work permit and student’s visa grants you free entrance to the other East Africa countries. (

In case of any difficulties in visa application, please feel free to contact us.

Note:Visa Application requirements are subject to change so you may need to consult at the nearest embassy/consulate before you travel to Uganda.